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Cathy Domoney is the most cherished and well respected world leader in the 
Family Empowerment space.

"I work with the most successful mavericks of business and amplify their unique parenting style to decode the inner genius of their children. I empower them to raise the most exquisite humans and position them as the future leaders that humanity is demanding."

Cathy Domoney.
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A Note From Cathy.

"The work that I do with families is of an intensely intimate and highly confidential nature. I am a trusted confidante, adviser and guide, consequently discretion and confidentiality is critical. 
Therefore, the names and images in the following testimonials have been changed to protect the anonymity of my families, as I'm sure you will understand."
"Cathy has made such a difference to our lives! She has coached our teenage son and I have seen his thinking change from unmotivated, angry and lost; to motivated and happy, with a stronger sense of identity and high goals. We have seen psychologists in the past but Cathy has helped him change his way of thinking much faster than they ever did. I can’t rave enough about this extraordinary woman!"
Jessica ~ Australia.
"Cathy has taught me how to live."
Jack, aged 13 ~ Australia.
"Wow! Cathy, you are truly one in a million. The positive mindset, the helpful suggestions, Everything you teach and speak is pure bliss and has been the most fantastic guidance I have ever been given. You’ve helped us through some of life’s hardest challenges, and without your guidance and positively I don’t think we would have come out of those dark patches in our lives. I will recommend you highly to all my friends, family and colleagues.
Abbi has done exceptionally well and has learned some wonderful strategies for dealing with unpleasant situations in daily life. She dealt with and handled a bullying situation so well the other week. I had a chat with her about the girl who had been mean and her reply was ‘I learned how to deal with it with Cathy’ It's made her significantly stronger, and more confident. Her self-esteem and inner-belief in her abilities really have been boosted beyond any of our expectations.  Thank you, Cathy." 

Josephine ~ Australia.
"I was lucky to find Cathy at a time in my child's life where his thoughts and feelings were suffocating him. He was in a very dark place and needed help to get out. I was lost and didn’t even know where to begin to untangle the mess in his mind. From the get-go, Cathy’s sessions made him see things differently. To be able to have a voice of reason outside of his head was something so extraordinarily powerful to behold. I can not explain the immediate positive impact she had on him, it was remarkable. Cathy is a true guide. She's professional and compassionate but most of all, She is patient. She patiently waited for him to get his head around the things that she wanted him to try. She really listened to him, she saw him for who he is and responded with so much love and wisdom. I truly believe she has been given a gift and will make a difference to any child that she comes across. I couldn’t recommend her any higher and, thanks to Cathy, my son can now see his immense value and his extraordinary place in the world. Thank you, Cathy."

Ophelia ~ U.K.

"I think you replaced our daughter with an alien! Completely different child. She is calmer and thinks about what she wants to say before she speaks. She is making better choices and has been sleeping a lot better. Jane says she has made new friends from the school that she never had spoken to in the schoolyard before because she has the confidence to approach people. She has had no signs of self-harming for two months. No antidepressants for a while now. Thank you, Cathy. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you did for Jane. Her grandma called tonight and made a comment about how she could hear a smile in her voice for the first time in years."

Constance ~ USA.

"Cathy’s natural ability to create positive & warm spaces full of acceptance & understanding is invaluable, helping the children to open up & take on board everything they are discussing & learning. Coupled with her innate ability to form genuine connections, our children emerged from each session upbeat & confident, full of inspiration & with a desire to understand the world around them & talk about their ideas & opinions. Our children are now, several weeks on, still using the inner positive mindset tools learned during the sessions in their daily lives. They do have a stronger sense of self & a firm belief that their thoughts & opinions on any matter big or small, personal or political, truly matter & can make a difference.
I highly recommend Cathy Domoney for every young person!" 
Caroline ~ Australia.

"Our daughter worked exclusively with Cathy. We cannot thank Cathy enough for her gentleness, warmth, and guidance towards our usually very anxious daughter. She has come away from the coaching sessions with a pep in her step, and the knowledge of some very important life skills, ready to embrace the world, and work hard, and achieve great things! It has been amazing to see this new confident young lady, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our newly confident young lady. Thank you, Cathy."

Angelica ~ USA.

"Cathy has a beautiful method of drawing out the authenticity of who you are. She helps you to reignite the flames within that had died down, and build the confidence to move forward in wholeness. Cathy’s coaching and mentoring took my child's journey to a whole new level of extraordinary." 

Daphne ~ Australia. 

"Wow! Cathy. What can I say? I am one, happy client. Your ability to teach, support, nurture, and support is just fabulous. I am honestly humbled (and gobsmacked at our results!). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for knowing my children better than they knew themselves. You have taught them (and me) so much about self-worth and all with so much support, love, and compassion. I will be forever grateful. You are truly amazing and I am so grateful that I met you and that you are now in our lives, forever! Thank you!"

Catherine ~ U.K.

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for the time it’s taken to help us. Your words seemed to instantly buoy me up and make me believe in the power we have within us to help Alexander, and ourselves, to make the changes we want.
I also wanted to say how inspired I am by your own story, and the achievements you’ve made yourself and for your children in spite of the difficulties you faced. It makes me proud to be a woman and a mother to know there are women like you."
Caroline ~ U.K.

"The change in my daughter’s way of thinking after working with Cathy was remarkable, I now have a daughter who is happy to try new experiences and seems to have a new lease on life. Thank you again, Cathy, for allowing her to work with you, I would definitely recommend you. I never thought she would stop being so insecure and overthinking but she's so much better!
Thank you, Cathy." 
Joan ~ USA.

"The best investment we have ever made for our son was to work with 
Cathy Domoney."
Stewart ~ Australia.

Cathy believes in the wisdom, strength, integrity, and divine purpose within every single child on the planet. Her mission is to ensure that each child in the world, regardless of circumstance, is submerged into the pillars of leadership and the connectedness of collective wisdom, which is fundamentally critical to the future of governance that humankind is demanding.

Cathy has always been exceptionally gifted in working with young people, and from a very young age has been able to help even the most reluctant youth to beam from within and radiate their brilliance out on to the world. She is the sage who naturally magnetizes young souls to her and has always been approached by young people in the most astonishing ways. She effortlessly connects young people to their inner genius, positioning them as the dynamic leaders of their generation.

Cathy’s background in teaching, psychology, sociology, counselling, hypnotherapy, and coaching has made her a maverick in the youth coaching empowerment space. Her personal experience of raising five children, four of whom are on the spectrum, has transformed her into an master-communicator.

Cathy is an English-born Australian who has dedicated her life to the study of human behaviour, particularly in young people. When she studied education as a young post-graduate, she and her colleagues were ‘thrown into the deep end’ and had to team teach classes in a local school during their second week. The class they had been allocated was… feisty! In that class was a young boy whose behaviour was erratic and disruptive. Whilst her colleagues avoided and disregarded him, Cathy immediately made a point of connecting with him non-verbally. This child absolutely beamed, and much to the surprise of her fellow students, he and the class were putty in her hands. She later discovered that the boy she had bewitched was severely autistic. This was the first time that Cathy realized that the depth and potency of her extraordinary gift of connecting with children was not shared by her peers, and so she began paying particular attention to her intuitive guidance.

Cathy lives with her husband, and their five incredible children in South Australia. Due to four of her children being on the spectrum, Cathy has been submerged into a world with profound new levels of intricate communication paradigms, which birthed her revolutionary lens of Radical Empathy. Being equal parts introvert and extrovert, Cathy is equally as comfortable travelling the globe to spend weekends with extraordinary strangers and returning as family and is equally content snuggled in her sacred cocoon by the fire directing her international radical empathy revolution globally from the safety of her lounge room, and from within the arms of her beloved children.

Cathy is held in the highest regard by her peers and has been widely recognised internationally for her message. Her mission answers the collective cries for the desperately needed elevation of our youth to their highest calling to serve the new eminent realm of humanity, which must be born out of the ashes of the old obsolete principles holding the spirits, and the individual and collective genius of our young people imprisoned.

Cathy has been recognized as an international Transformational “Leader of Leaders” in her mission and is a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) Australia. This has brought her the incredible opportunity to connect with the most pioneering thought leaders of the transformational space today, icons such as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Dr. Sue Morter (Master the Energy Codes), Natalie Ledwell (Mind Movies), Sandy Forster (Wildly Wealthy Women), Tom Cronin (The Portal movie), Rich Litvin (10x Prosperity Coach), and Dr. Lori Leyden (The Grace Project), to mention but a few who have impacted her development both personally, and professionally deeply and profoundly and continue to have a huge influence on her work.

She held a vision for her mission to disrupt the developmental journey of our youth for many years but silenced the voice for the longest time. When she birthed her fifth child prematurely just over four years ago, she and her daughter narrowly escaped death. What followed was six months of overwhelming challenges, and grueling mental, emotional, physical pain, and darkness which was the beginning of her surrendering to the Divine and understanding at a profound level that she had been placed on Earth for a reason, and that it was time for her mission to begin.

Cathy co-creates bespoke experiences to powerfully serve a carefully selected, finite number of parents who are fundamentally dedicated to their children's growth in all ways. She quickly, and skillfully amplifies youth leadership qualities, and empowers young people to unleash them onto the world. Cathy is a master communicator, empath-intuitive, and has an exceptionally high skill set, phenomenal expertise, and an intricately rich tapestry of experience making her outstandingly effective, impactful, and extraordinarily unique. She has birthed the new architype of Radical Empathy and utilizes that potent lens through which she facilitates all her work, with outstanding results.

Cathy lives, breathes, and embodies the philosophy of aligning young people to their greatness. She lives her life through the miraculous lens of Radical Empathy which cuts through prejudice and judgement and produces revolutionary young leaders who are fully connected to themselves and each other. This shifts realities to the new order of connected, consciously aligned, dynamic leadership that humanity is demanding.
Cathy is the heart-centred, spiritually wise, embodiment of a powerful charismatic and dynamic leader who is often described by her peers as ‘mother energy to all’. Cathy is all loving, but she is also an ass-kicking straight-talker and will not allow anyone to fall short of their greatness. Cathy is frequently underestimated, admits to thoroughly enjoying the process and considers it to be her superpower. She quietly exudes profound wisdom, and strength, and embodies a laser-focused mind and a razor-sharp wit. She is a revolutionary visionary, wielding an exceptionally high level of work ethic, profound wisdom, integrity, honour, and excellence.

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