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Cathy Domoney is the most cherished and well respected world leader in the 
Family Empowerment space.

"I work with the most successful mavericks of business and amplify their unique parenting style to decode the inner genius of their children. I empower them to raise the most exquisite humans and position them as the future leaders that humanity is demanding."

Cathy Domoney.
Who is Cathy Domoney?
Anglo-Australian Transformational Leader, Child Empowerment Author, Private Personal Adviser and Guide, Cathy Domoney, with over 20 years of experience in personal disruption, has had the privilege to work alongside and learn from many of the world’s best. 

She’s a Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL Australia) and is honored to be connected with, and a part of, a very inspirational cohort of the most amazing Transformational Leaders of the world. 

A wealth of personal experience and knowledge from her own life has enabled her to create an approach that is unconventional, bespoke, luxurious, personal, and unique. 

Cathy's background is based in sociology; psychology; counseling; teaching; hypnotherapy, and life-coaching. Cathy mentors, young clients, and their families worldwide to find their inner guidance, strength, divinity, and sacred relationship connections. 

Cathy works exclusively in the Luxury Market Decoding the Genius of children of highly successful clients and positions them firmly as Future Leaders. 

Cathy is an adviser with a difference. She is an inspiration to all with a wealth of experience which makes her a very relatable self-made woman who chased her dreams. 

She speaks with a rare and raw authenticity, vulnerability, and humor, telling her own story of what can be achieved through the right mindset, hard work, and determination, despite any challenges that she has faced. 

She has a wealth of formal expertise combined with philosophy, ancient teachings, and the law of attraction, which ensures she offers her clients something extraordinarily powerful and entirely unique. 
Cathy’s unique life experiences have given her a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals, allowing her to pass on the invaluable skills of self-mastery, courage, optimism in the face of adversity, resilience, and determination.

A wealth of personal experience and knowledge from her own life has enabled her to create an approach that is bespoke, luxurious, personal, and unique. 

Cathy mentors, young clients, worldwide to find their inner guidance, strength, divinity, and sacred relationship connections. 
Cathy works exclusively in the Luxury Market Decoding the Genius of children of the elite and positioning them firmly as Future Leaders. 

The work that Cathy does with families is of an intensely intimate and highly confidential nature. She is a highly trusted confidante, adviser and guide, consequently discretion and confidentiality is critical. Therefore, Cathy always protects the anonymity of her families.

Through her exceptionally unique lens of ‘Radical Empathy,’ and her unparalleled experience, Cathy Domoney is the go-to authority in teen/family consultancy. Cathy Domoney is the revolutionary change-maker, carving out a profoundly potent and powerful future of leadership for her young clients.

Founder of ‘Decode Your Child’s Genius,’ Cathy launched the visionary movement responsible for connecting teens to their inner brilliance whilst powerfully positioning them as the fully connected future leaders that humanity is demanding.

Quickly recognized for her transformational work with young people, Cathy became connected to, and recognized as one of, the foremost change-makers and thought-leaders on the planet.
With the fundamental belief that our young people must be held to the highest standards of impeccability for them to personify their unique genius fully and dynamically, Cathy exudes the pinnacle of integrity and honor which she imbues in her young clients in abundance.

Outstandingly adept at rapidly amplifying the unique genius of her teen clients, and consistently empowering her young clients to embody their inherent greatness results in them forging even stronger, deeper relationships with themselves and with their families which is a beautiful privilege for Cathy to bear witness to.
With her exclusive private consultancy, Cathy continues to create extraordinary outcomes for her clients. Cathy is coaching a generation of consciously connected leaders who will lead humanity to the next level of sustainable evolution. This will be her legacy.

In Cathy's own words...

I had challenging beginnings, living with narcissistic personalities. This was awfully hard to navigate through in a family where I was the youngest by far. I learned to be invisible from an incredibly young age, to find some peace.
This was such a blessing to me. It led me to go inward from a young age, which in turn helped me to develop an extraordinarily strong intuition.

As I grew into early adulthood, I began searching for answers, for alternative philosophies and modalities that would help to quench the thirst I had developed for insights into human behavior. I began submersing myself into psychology, sociology, counselling, life-coaching, hypnotherapy and teaching to gather the information I was seeking.

The huge turning point came when I began to have my own children. That powerful viewpoint gave me a unique and enhanced perspective which, in conjunction with my professional training and experience, enabled me to provide an experience to the children I was working with, and their families, that was magical. 

I was able to begin translating this knowledge into ‘The Positive Mindset for Kids’ empowering children’s book series, and the ‘Decode Your Child’s Genius’ exclusive, private consultancy program. Soon after, I was recognized as a Transformational Leader and was invited to be a founding and steering member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) Australia. This is a huge honor for me, and I am incredibly blessed to belong to some of the most extraordinary humans on the planet who consistently hold me to the highest standards of excellence, and expanded consciousness.

In addition to this I have been privileged with five of my own children, three of whom have the extraordinary gift of autism. This has allowed me the opportunity to further strengthen my intuition to an even deeper level. 
These experiences have led me to develop my own modality of Radical Empathy, which serves as the lens through which I empower the children I work with to navigate through the perceived positive and negative social intricacies of social interactions with great success. 

Through connecting the children (and families) that I partner with to their inner brilliance, power, wisdom, intuition, and genius, they are able to unleash their magnificent gifts on to the world and position themselves as the future leaders that the world is demanding.
Every single struggle and pain point can absolutely be transmuted into power and confidence with the right guidance and support. That is my zone of genius, and I love it!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Cathy. x

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